These people became Insurancenter clients and found out they could do better with us.  Here is what they are saying...

"Sydney was very helpful in obtaining timely information about my premium renewal."
- Barbara

"Just wanted to let you know that I have had insurance off and on with the Insurance Center of FM. I have moved some of my insurance, auto and umbrella coverage as the costs were better elsewhere. I have always appreciated the excellent response, attention to detail and experience that the agents have provided me over the years. Lori is one of those folks that does a great job, quick to respond and has a wealth of experience. I am pleased to be able to again use the Insurance Center of FM for our new home in Babcock Ranch, thanks to Lori. Hopefully when its time I can get quotes for my cars and Umbrella coverage with you as well."

"Linda has been exceptionally helpful. Answered all my questions and provided other needed information and contacts. Thank You"

"Just wanted to let you know Linda Quimby handled my payment for next year’s insurance. She was very polite and knowledgeable. She handled all my questions and got me taken care of."

"We want to inform you of the very quick and very cordial assistance received from Dayana in making changes to our auto insurance.   Hope that you give Dayana our kudos!"
- George

""Hi, Just a note to let you know I worked with Genesis Aquino on my updated 2023 Homeowners Insurance for my Valencia Trails, Naple’s home. She was so very helpful and responsive. Much appreciated her excellent handling of this renewal.
Thank you"
- Kathy

"Just a very quick note.
We do not have a significant amount of policy with you, but I appreciate very much Savannah’s very prompt responses and her diligence in completing a task."
- W. A.

"Mark, Like most people we like things to just work and vendors that operate like a partner. And it is hard to find those these days. From a vendor perspective Lori is as close to perfect as I have found.
Several years ago, we bought a house in Cape Coral and the loan finance person highly recommended her. We were planning to retire from California there. About a year after Irma we decided to sell that house.
A couple of years later we found ourselves in the Villages near Wildwood. I was happy to find that Lori was still there and could help us. And even though we had most of our insurance needs met by State Farm in the bay area, the agents here just didn't really seem to care or have a lot of knowledge. Maybe they threw us over to a bund of newbies. There was no real interest in helping or someone who I felt was focused on our best interest.
So, I have been progressively moving pretty much all our insurance need for cars, home, and rental properties over through her direction. She is fun to talk to and work with... but, it is her responsiveness, knowledge and honesty that has built my trust.
So whenever anyone asks me who I have for insurance, it is always easy to recommend her.
It is hard to find people like that... you and I are fortunate."
- David

"I just wanted to take minute and say how great Lori is. She has been so helpful when I have needed it and a pleasure to work with. She went out of her way to help me straighten out a Flagstar condo flood coverage insurance issue that I was struggling with. She is awesome!"
- Susan

"Sydney is very knowledgeable and helpful. As always. A great employee and your company is fortunate to have her."
- Robert

"Your agency was recommended by a friend . I have had great customer service with both Sarah and Savannah. I appreciate it when my phone calls or emails are answered and that is certainly was the case. I am recently widowed. Insurance was something my husband always handled. I’ve had a lot to learn and a lot of decisions to make. Thank you for getting me through this."
- Sally

"Just a quick note to let you know that Sydney did an awesome job getting the info and the new vehicle on our policy. She is a professional and I am very satisfied with the service she provided us. She is a valuable asset to your team!"
- John

"Lori has been very helpful in answering our questions and getting back to us in a timely manner. We appreciate her professional service."
-Thank you, Steve & Eva

"Unfortunately, I was insured with UPC insurance. For the past few weeks, I have been working with Savannah Sturtz . A friend of mine recommended your company, Mark. Savannah has been wonderful. Anytime I called her or or sent an email she always got back to me. I absolutely appreciate that and her knowledge with my insurance needs."
- Sally

"Just a quick note to tell you how nice Linda Quimby has been to work with during these difficult times we all had from the hurricane."

"Once again Lori has been providing excellent support. 10 out of 10 from my perspective.
She is the type of person I always tried hiring when I had my companies."
- Andy

"This lady is very polite, knowledgeable, and personable. She actually accomplished what she said she would do and notified me. That to me seems unreal as every where you turn people are just trying to put you off and seldom do anything for you. She is a true asset for the company.."
-Respectfully Clyde

"Mark I would like you to know that Sydney Brewer responded to an issue I had with insurance. She contacted the carrier and expedited a refund for me. She also followed up to let me know where the issue stood. She did a very good service."
- Roger

"Mark Once again, I would like to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with Sydney her timely response and professionalism throughout was most appreciated. You truly have a gem on your team."

"Mark, I just want to say thank you and let you know what a great job Sarah and the rest of your team did for us.

We very much appreciate it and will highly recommend the agency to anyone that is looking for insurance down on the beach. Take care"


"My dealings with Genesis Aquino on updating my homeowners policy was handled professionally and quickly. She was very responsive and did what she said she would do. Good job!"


"Mark, My name is David and have been with your company for a while and have not had to change any policy for quite some time. Had to buy a car for the first time in 27 years and could not be happier with your agent, Genesis Aquino,she answered my odd question or two and took care of everything in two phone calls. It sure made this one-stop shopping, so a big thank you to yourself and Genesis. Also, she took my chuckle at her explanation of pronunciation of her name when she referred to the car brand vs the band."


Linda provided excellent service on the day we bought our new charger. Could not have been happier with the promptness and detail of the service."


"I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was speaking to Sydney this week. She was most helpful answering my questions and immediately after our conversation she forwarded the information I needed. It was nice to call for assistance and be taken care of as she did. Doesn’t happen with a lot of companies anymore."


"Lori is a great! We really appreciate her. Always following up."


"Thank you, Genesis, for the prompt, thorough, and courteous service late on a Friday afternoon. Sandy and I appreciate the exemplary service. Have a great weekend!"


"Hello Mark, Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate working with Lori Trapp. I can only imagine the work load she has but she is always prompt in her attention to my requests for my customers insurance needs. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with!"


"I have been in contact with Claritza a week ago with questions on my insurance renewal. She gave me the answers that I wanted. She is very good at problem solving and a real professional person. Please let her know that I have great confidence in her"


"Just want to let you know how satisfied we are with your agency. Been a client since 2010. As well as the satisfaction of dealing with Savannah on finding a competitive wind and home policy. She is a keeper."


"Your employee, Dayana Pedreira was very helpful this morning. She took care of the increase of my automobile insurance over the phone. Very pleasant person. Lucky to have such caring people working for you."


"Linda Quimby, Terrific representative. Friendly and professional serve. Highly recommend her. - Respectfully, James B.


"Talked with Lori Trapp this morning about a quote for my homeowners insurance. I have had Lori before and I must admit she is a very energetic person and a delight to talk with. Hopefully she can give me a quote that meets my expectations and of course my pocket book. Lori is a great person and is an asset to the Insurancenter." - Respectfully, R. Jones


"This is a shout out for Sydney. I had left a message regarding a correction I wanted made to my homeowners policy and she did so within 48 hours, leaving a voicemail and email to let me know it was done. Since the pandemic and Hurricane Ian, I’ve found that almost every transaction, be it trying to make a doctor’s appointment or try to conduct some business, takes multiple efforts.
It was refreshing to have this done so easily." - Regards, Cynthia K.


"Savannah was great. She was knowledgeable, patient and efficient. When I was upset about my premium increase she went to work for me and enabled me to keep my insurance with your company. Big thing for me……she always returns calls and follows up. Dayana, did a great job helping me with a cancellation request. We will recommend your company to anyone we know who needs insurance." - Thank you, Mary Jo Sterling


"Lori Trapp did an amazing job taking care of our needs! I am writing this note to recognize the excellent assistance I received working with your Rewrite Specialist, Sue Mancione. My wife Cheryl and I purchased a home last spring. We stayed there one week last year, flew home, and then… Ian. We have only one friend down there who is also a snowbird so when the hurricane hit we had no network on which to draw to get assistance. Sue has been wonderful to work with. She got our claim moving so we can repair things and get our home back there together.
We will definitely be recommending you folks to others." - Thank you! J. Campbell


"Mark, I wanted you to know what an exceptional person you have working for the insurance center , Sydney Brewer.  I spoke with her today and explained my issue which is somewhat involved and she took it on and said she would make the phone calls and stay on it until it’s resolved . I have spoken to her several times today as she is keeping me updated with the progress thus far .
She truly cares about a client’s needs and you are very fortunate to have her , not that easy to find in today’s world." - Regards, E. Smith


"Mark,  Stacey Bishop, who helped us put together all the paperwork necessary to switch insurance carriers, is truly special.  I have long believed that if you are going to complain about something/someone, you also need to step up and let folks know when someone does it right.  Stacey did it very right, don’t lose her." - D. Williams


"Dayana is a great Rep. She at least reply to my email about my insurance coverage with your company." - Thanks again Scott & Vicki S.


"Linda provided me with a tremendous effort in getting documentation to purchase a new car.
She is great to work with and she should be told so!!!" - Marc D.


"I need to let you know that your people ARE making a difference in customers lives.
Evan Wohl at the Ft. Myers branch of The Insurancenter has made us feel your motto of “You can do better! “Obviously these are very trying times not only for the people who live here but also for businesses that are trying to accommodate millions of customers at the same time.
Despite the heavy work load Evan has found options for us that we thought were not available.
We feel that we can now have a much brighter hope for our future. As a customer we are extremally satisficed and we WILL be telling others about your exceptional employees." - Sincerely Emmett and Elizabeth M.


"Spoke to Claritza this morning and she worked out a problem I was having very quickly and was very pleasant to deal with. Thanks to all."


"I wanted to compliment your Customer Service Agent Tia Wiley. She recently assisted me with my questions about my upcoming home insurance renewal. Tia was very helpful, knowledgeable, and solved my issue in a very short time. Tia was friendly and very professional in our phone conversations. Thank you!!!"- Lisa I.


"I wanted to provide feedback.  As always Lori is kind and timely in her work.  I worked with Lori approximately 3 years ago moving to Florida.  Just recently she reached out to me on a follow up request.  I appreciate her honesty and work ethic. Respectfully"- Kim R.


"Savannah was very helpful walking me through this process. She gave me an option, compared coverages and made my decision easy. She was knowledgeable, professional and quite pleasant to work with.  Savannah also assisted me by sending our declaration page to Progressive to show our car is garaged at 13000 Pebblebrook Point Circle , Fort Myers, Fl, which is exemplary service. She is a credit to your agency." - John P. Timmeny


"Just want to say something about Sydney and how she was very responsive and knowledgeable to answer all my questions on the renewal we are doing. She helped guide me thru to an answer for each and all my questions and help give us the peace of mind we needed in renewing with you.  Having worked help desk myself it was refreshing to speak with her and get the satisfaction we needed to finish the deal.  Thank you" - Rick & Merlene  M.


"Tia, Thanks again for following up on this.  I really appreciate your help.  I'll give Mark a call and let him know what a great job you did.  It was a pleasure working with you." - Fran


"Sydney, I never expect to be impressed when calling to make changes to my insurance but you were truly exceptional to work with! Appreciate your time and how quickly we were able to sort out the new coverage starting this weekend" - Anthony M


"Tia has always been friendly and provided us with very good service. It makes us feel secure with our insurance coverages because we can maintain contact even when we are out of the country. Many Thanks." - Carole Kanters


"Hi Mark, I'd just like to share, as an Underwriter,  what a pleasure it is to work with Lori as an Agent. Quoting and Underwriting NFIP flood can be quite a challenge, and is only getting harder with the new rating system FEMA is implementing effective October 1st. I have worked with Lori on quotes and policies for years and she is always prompt in sending additional information and forms and finding the answers to any questions I have ever had, and never complains. I work with many Agents all over the Country and she is truly a gem! I could go on and on. I hope you realize what a superb employee you have in Lori!" - Linda P.


"I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we worked with Savannah at the end of April for our policy on our Fort Myers Beach home and had a wonderful experience. Communication was great and Savannah always followed through on the expectations set. My wife and I really enjoyed our experience. Keep up the great work." - Eric Schwartz


"Dear Doug,
I’m writing to you about Christine Field, your Customer Service Rep. We spoke yesterday and she helped me easily. She was friendly, listened to everything I said and her response gave me confidence that the situation would work out. Within a short time I received the answer to my concern and the document I needed. She made the whole thing very easy. Thank you to Christine!
Also, I feel like I should mention Kelly Stoops. She also is very friendly and responsive. I actually feel badly because I didn’t realize there was a separate customer service department. In the last year I’ve asked her so many questions that should have gone there and she could have easily passed me off but instead she always answered me quickly. Thank you very much!" - Karen Brockman


"Just to let you know Audrey was fantastic in getting to me the information I needed. She did it in just a few minutes. First class lady." - Rwbohl


"Christine Field was very helpful to me today. I needed to renew my policy and I did not have the paperwork. She handled it all over the phone with me. She also helped me remove my husband’s name from the policy because of his recent death. She was very professional and pleasant." - Helen Gable


"Doug, This is to inform you that Tia did a quick and efficient update on an insurance quote concerning my question as to what would be the premium(s) if I were to insure at a different range of deductible(s) than the $500 as in the quote. It required contacting the company. As I mentioned above she did not waste any time and sent me an email with various deductible amounts in only a day or two. Please commend her for her work on this, and let her know that a customer was satisfied with her work on my question.....maybe let it be known in her personnel file if you wish to recognize her in that manner." - D. O.


"I just wanted to let you know that I had several questions about my flood insurance renewal policy and that Patricia Hernandez was very helpful. She appears to be a valued employee and you are fortunate to have her. Thank you and your staff for all your help!" - Randall Schultz


"At 55 years of age, I have worked with insurance agents my entire life. I have never worked with an agent that has been nearly as trustworthy, efficient and helpful as Mark Nellans."  (Name Withheld)


"If all insurance agents handled their clients with the professionalism of Mark Nellans, people would have a much more positive view of the insurance industry!” -Guy Petrik


“I have recently transferred all of my personal insurance to the Insurancenter and have recommended the same to my friends and neighbors. In addition to saving a significant amount of money on my premiums, the service I have received has been nothing short of exceptional.” –Michael Kronenberger


“Angi Meloy and Kelly Stoops are the best insurance team in the business! I have sent them every homebuyer I’ve had for several years, with fantastic results. I’ve never seen anyone beat their rates. Their total knowledge of the industry and the different providers means my clients never have to shop around, and they are always fast and friendly too.” -Aric DiPiero


“This letter is to inform you of the help and knowledge of two of your employees, Angi Meloy and Kelly Stoops.  I called Ms. Meloy on Monday September 8th 2008 to inquire about homeowners insurance. Within a short space of time that very day, which impressed me with the prompt service, she had emailed me a quote which was substantially lower that what I am currently paying. Her knowledge of insurance companies greatly reduced my insurance price! My husband and I are very grateful for that. I emailed Ms. Meloy my current homeowners policy the next day and Ms. Stoops contacted me to finish the policy. She was extremely courteous and helpful as was Ms. Meloy. Overall the whole experience has been pleasant. I enjoyed working with the two of them and look forward to switching our automobile policies in November when they are due.” -Holly Cook


“My experience with Jason Duff and the rest of the Insurancenter staff has been outstanding. Their efficiency and professionalism have made the insurance-buying process as simple and painless as I could imagine.” –Brian Schmidt


“I shopped over a dozen insurance agencies in the Fort Myers area looking for vehicle and home coverage. I got a lot of dancing around my questions from some agents. I got ridiculous rates from others. I even got the “car salesman” impression from some agents. I must say I was getting pretty frustrated that I was going to be taken.  Then I was referred to Angi by my realtor. After speaking with Angi, I got an instant impression that this lady knew what she was talking about. She gave me educated, to-the-point answers to my questions without sugarcoating anything. I circled her name in my notebook, and stopped my search. I knew right there that Angi was the person that was going to handle my account to the same standard that Shawn did in St. Louis. From now on, if anyone asks me if I know a good insurance agency and agent, I’m sending them straight to Angi at Insurancenter!” - (Name Withheld)


“My name is Bonnie S. Feldman and I am the owner of Aaccurate Title Services in Lehigh Acres, FL. I possess 5 insurance policies for my home, auto and business. I have dealt with the same insurance broker for all of my policies for 12 years. When I received my latest homeowners insurance policy/bill, I contacted them to inquire whether there was any way to reduce my premium – without reducing my coverage. After going through my policy with them in detail, I was told there was no way to reduce the policy amount. I had previously met Mark Nellans from The Insurancenter at a business function. I decided to fax him my policy to see what he could do since other people told me he could work wonders. Mark promptly contacted me and asked me two questions. It took me five minutes to find the answers to his questions. As a result of those answers, Mark was capable of reducing my policy - with the same carrier and the same coverage - by hundreds of dollars. I had been under the (false) impression that, because I dealt with one insurance broker for multiple policies, the broker would see to it that I was never overcharged on my policies and that I would be well protected. Obviously, that was not the case. I told Mark to immediately put through my new homeowners insurance policy with The Insurancenter.  I have since faxed all of my policies for review by Mark (just to be sure there weren’t other ways that I could reduce my other policy premiums). Throughout all of my dealings with Mark, I have found him to be extremely competent, knowledgeable and courteous. As a business woman, I am certainly willing to deal with all people. However, I only have people and companies service my own business needs that are competent knowledgeable and courteous

– what I call a true professional. I would highly recommend Mark Nellans at The Insurancenter.  I would suggest that you do as I did, simply forward him your policy(ies) and see how much he can save you.” -Bonnie Feldman


“Dear Angi, I would like to thank you for all the helpful work you did on getting the insurance sorted on my properties and vehicles. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that is capable of giving advice on what is and is not required especially to non-American citizens like myself. I am always happy to recommend The Insurancenter to friends in the UK who need US insurances and to my US neighbor.  Once again, many thanks.” -Julie Gemmell


"I wish to commend the service I received from Sarah Jordan.  Sarah is from the old school.  She never tires to please the customer.  Better yet, she is competent in what she does.  She explains and counsels.  She is patient and affable."  -A. Leavitt


"Melissa Hedman has been a great help to Carl and I with his insurance policy.  Melissa is always prompt with getting back to me with anything I ask.  Also, she is very knowledgeable of our needs regarding the policy.  Melissa is truly a great customer service rep and must be a valuable employee to your firm.  It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I would recommend your company should I have the opportunity" -Rose Aberle


"Melissa did a fantastic job assisting me with my policy cancellation!  When I spoke with her over the phone she was polite, knowledgeable, and took care of me very quickly.  Thanks!" -Kenny Shafer


"Shannon did an excellent job.  She was polite and responded quickly to my request.  My entire experience over the years with The Insurancenter has been very positive and I would certainly recommend them to anyone." - (Name Withheld)


"Mark was initially so helpful and responsive with my personal home policy, I referred Mark to several other policies for properties I hold mortgages on. I also brought my rental properties to Mark. Mark always provided reasonably priced policies in near record speed. Furthermore, I have never asked Mark to do something that he has not gotten done. He never "drops the ball".  - (Name Withheld)


"Sarah did an outstanding job taking care of my request.  Lately, I have lost much faith in the service industry due to the lack of personal attention.  However, today Sarah changed that.  She truly puts her customers first." -Jeff Augustyn


"Let us take this opportunity to let you know that Angi Meloy has done a commendable job in providing great service to us. We are very new customers, and very unfamiliar with Florida laws and needs. Angi has worked with us to help us find the best deals on both house and car insurance. She has been very flexible with our changes and she has provided us with much-needed information as we go forward to become residents of Florida. We are very pleased to be working with her and she is an asset to your business." - Larry & Mickey Sain


"I want to tell you how happy I am with Ms. Peggy Williams.  It is a blessing to work with someone that seems to have your best interests at heart and acts in a timely manner to see that things are done correctly.  Thank you.  She deserves recognition for her attentiveness and consideration." - Sheridan Chester


"We absolutely love everybody at the Insurancenter.  Their response time is great, the quotes are low and we couldn't ask for better service.  What more can I say??" - Karen Mueller, Hurst Financial Group


"Well I must say that when it comes to quick results, no other company has come even close.  The Insurancenter has everything I look for in a company for my clients.  Aside from giving quick results, they are also courteous, helpful, thorough, and very customer service oriented."  (Name Withheld)


"Insurancenter consistently has the best service of any insurance company that I work with." - Dan Starowicz, Amstar Mortgage


"Doug Nellans and his associates have always provided us with the most prompt and professional services that anyone could ask for.  We are very pleased with the competitive rates as well as the extensive knowledge of each associate.  A big thanks to Doug for his continued efforts and exceptional service and we look forward to a life-long business relationship with Doug and  his team."  - Heather Hoyle, First United Mortgage Corp.


"For the year and a half that I have worked with The Insurancenter, I have had nothing but good experiences.  I demand fast, accurate service and I have always received that and look forward to a continued relationship of excellence with The Insurancenter.  I use The Insuancenter for my personal residence also."  - Zach, Family Home Funding


"Good people , good products , and good service. We needed homeowners insurance before closing on our house. They compared rates with different companies and got us the best rate. Because of the good experience, we also used them for auto insurance." - Richard Uber


"I have dealt with Peggy over the phone several times this past year and want to let you know how much I appreciate her helpful and friendly manner.  She has always dealt with me in a prompt and professional manner and gives the impression that yours is a good company to do business with." - Gloria S.


"I wanted you to know how much I appreciate working with Kelly Stoops and your firm.  In my many years of experience, Kelly and your firm are exceptional stand-outs.  The responsiveness I receive on any insurance matter is always prompt, if not immediate, and with extra effort on the item in question. Her customer service efforts are always nothing but extraordinary. I truly feel that Kelly advocates my needs as your client and strives to arrive at the best result. In difficult and challenging insurance markets, I feel that your firm competitively arrives at solutions. I am sincerely thankful to be your firm's client." - Julie Neitzel


"Peggy Williams, is a big asset to your company, she is very very professional, and polite, as well as all of your employees, when dealing with your clients." - F. A. 


"So nice to not have to call back numerous times to get answers.  Peggy took ownership of my problem (even though it was not her fault or that of Insurance Center, but that of mortgage company who did not pay from my escrow for 2nd time).  She followed-up as needed until it was resolved.  She emailed me this morning to inform me the problem has been resolved so I can now go on vacation without having to worry about having my homeowner's insurance being canceled for the 2nd time in 3 years.  Recognition of this valuable team member is well-deserved." - J. A.


"My husband and I would like to commend Ms. Williams for her excellent customer service. Ms. Williams has been more than helpful to us through the last 2 weeks.  She went beyond our expectations with her helpfulness in resolving an issue that resulted in our insurance policy being cancelled. She helped get the policy reinstated and coordinated with our mortgage company, calling them several times on our behalf. Our policy is now reinstated. You have an excellent employee and ambassador to your organization." - Debra Doubles


"Yesterday I called the office in order to make payment on our HomeOwners Insurance. Angie is my usual contact, but being very close to closing Angie was not available. I Wanted to let you know that Peggy Williams handled taking my payment in her place. Peggy was very professional and handled my payment with ease.  I have always been very pleased with the service I receive from your business." - P. Christensen


"Just a quick note to let you know how helpful she [Patti] was this morning helping me with boat insurance.  She [Patti] was very thorough and answered all my questions and got the policy I needed.  Again thanks for having such good people at the Insurance Center." - Ginny


"I would like to thank you and your company for exhibiting excellence in customer service. My representative Lori Trapp is an absolute asset to your company. She charmed me with her knowledge and kept me on board with her patience. Ultimately she is why I chose to work with this company. I appreciate everything and look forward to my new home. Thanks again." - Frederick Calvello & Sylvia Vanier


"Karen Iverson  was most professional in searching and finding the best policies for my situations.  There is no doubt I will be coming back to the insurance center for all my insurance needs as my existing policies expire.  Great job Karen." - Hank F.


"Thought I would take a minute and tell you I give Connie very high marks.  She was pleasant on the phone during our first conversation, answered all of my questions, asked pertinent questions and told me she would send me a quote shortly.  Within an hour or so I had the quote professionally done and ready for me to move forward or ask questions if I had any.  She was a ten out of ten." - Carol Scherer


"I had the very nice pleasure of speaking to, and dealing with, Peggy Williams today, about a problem with someone, we thought, might be trying to obtain my personal information, via a fax she received from the Lake Michigan credit union. Peggy called me right away, and it was ascertained that the credit union made a mistake. Peggy is such a professional, like all of your employees that I have dealt with for a long time, she is also very big asset to your company, I cannot thank her enough, Kudos to Peggy." - Frank A.


"I just had a call with Peggy after first calling the Insurancenter of Ft. Myers.  My policy lapsed on 12/2 at midnight (yesterday), and Peggy reinstated it with my credit card info.  I  sold my business several months ago, and have been trying to be as diligent as possible about address change updates. Unfortunately this one slipped through the cracks.  I was worried that I may have to start the insurance application process all over again, but Peggy helped me in my initial call, then told me she’d call me back quickly to confirm next steps, and within 5 minutes she was back to me and took my credit card information to make my account current.  It will never lapse again!  Thank you - and thank Peggy!" - Jeff


"Just to let you know we appreciate how Karen has been helping us with our insurance needs. She has been helpful and friendly. This is our first experience with this in Fla so it is important to have someone we feel confident with." - Vicki Goss


"I wanted to let you know what a great employee you have!  Karen Iverson helped me set up automatic payments for my Home Owners policy and update my email address.  All was great and seemed to follow standard operating procedures." Nancy


"Yesterday, I received an email from Tower Hill that stated I needed to verify my Customer Login account or it would be Deleted!  I had no recollection of my User ID or Password.  So I called Tower Hill customer service (which it said to do in the email).  They required policy number, agent code and zip code.  I did not have access to that information at work.  I emailed Karen.  She not only provided that information but went above and beyond in helping me.  Karen contacted their IT department and gave me step by step instructions on how to set up a new User ID and password.  I was also able to verify the new email address I had given Karen.  Without the information Karen provided I would not of been able to set up and verify my User ID.  It is one thing to reset your password...I needed a new User ID.  Karen provided all this within 1 hour.  She gets Agent of Month in my book!" - N.G.


"You have an outstanding employee.  We've been actively seeking insurance for our new high-end home (with a tight closing timeline) and we've been dealing with a dozen different agents from different companies as we narrow in on which provider and what coverage we need. I have to say that Julie has been the most responsive of all of them and a delight to work with.  She's been on top of all the issues, been lightning fast, has offered me quality insight and guidance every step of the way and provided competitive quotes as well.  With a great attitude and lots of patience she's taken the time to help me understand and navigate the sea of insurance options and what they mean...Today, we decided to go ahead and insure with her/Tower.  Thank you for hiring such a quality agent." - J. & M.


"Connie Reis is helping me with cancellation of a policy on a condo we sold. She has been very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful.  I will definitely recommend the Insurance Center to others because of how I have been treated over the years we had our condo insured through your agency.  Thanks" - Margi


"Hi there just wanted to let you know that  I had a great experienc working with Karen today. I was able to enter my information on-line and she called me within a few hours. I explained to her that I am unfamiliar with the Florida Insurance requirements and she led me through the process with plenty of follow up questions and suggestions. After our conversation, she came right back with emailed quotes to aid in my decision process. Karen was very friendly, informative, and provided great follow-through. Wanted to let you know!! Thanks." - Dawn Buckner from Michigan (and soon-to-be Florida)


"As Patricia's manager, I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate Patricia's detailed response.  I really don't mind a slower response when the end result is a solid answer from a person who paid close attention to what I was asking (it was a confusing situation to begin with).  It's a rare day that I send an email like this asking for help that I expect a competent answer, but Patricia's answer wasn't only competent, it was excellent.  This is what the words "customer service" should represent." - R. G.


"We have been a client of the Insurance Center for a number of years. The cost of the premiums of our house insurance has substantially increased over the last few years.  Because of our concern we spoke with Karen Iverson at your firm. She recommended that we have a wind mitigation inspection completed and informed us of a company that would carry out the inspection. We did this and as a result our insurance cost was greatly reduced.  Karen kept us informed throughout the process and as a result of her actions and advice we are staying with your agency. If all of your agents are as thorough and conscientious as Karen, your agency must be at the top of the list.  Many thanks and we hope to continue to be clients of yours in future years." - JNT


"My husband and I have been working with Connie Reis the last month on providing us with insurance on a manufactured home in Florida.  We can’t say enough good things about her.  She has been very knowable and informative about the coverage we needed.  She followed up on her quote to us and returned calls when we had additional questions. She also worked with the bank providing them with information they required.  We spoke with 4 or 5 other agents and either we didn’t get our calls answered or found it hard to reach them at all.  Please let Connie know how appreciative we are of her professionalism, it was because of her and her personality that we went with Tower Hill Insurance." - MD


"I wanted to inform you about the care I received from Julie Davison on my new condo insurance. When I solicited information about a new condo policy, Julie was one of the first to respond to my request. She spoke to us about what she could offer us in a very professional, helpful manner. The very next day, I called her and she provided me with all the information that I needed for this insurance. I knew then, that I wanted to go with Tower Hill. She sent me a quote within one day which was acceptable to us. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the roof of my building that prevented Julie from writing the policy as quoted. She immediately began to research the issue, calling the Property Manager, the Secretary of Naples Trace, etc. to rectify the issue. She spent a considerable amount of time researching the problem, including calling the Naples Codes Enforcement to ascertain when the permit had been pulled for the roof of our building. I am truly grateful for the effort and time that Julie Davison has put into this issue. I don’t know of many insurance agencies that would have done what she did to research and rectify this problem.  I want you to know that we will maintain our condo insurance with Tower Hill because of your dedicated employee, Julie Davison. You are most fortunate to have an employee of this caliber working at your agency. She is very dedicated, professional, polite, and hardworking. I just wanted you to know how your customers feel about your company and the employees that you have working there." - Frank & Irene Ricciardiello


"Julie is a delight to work with.  I have been doing business with her since before she came to the Insurance Center and was glad to follow her here.  She is prompt and always friendly and ready to help. I am happy to have found her and appreciate her partnership and look forward to doing more business with her." - Eloisa 


"My name is J. Law and I just signed and paid for a new homeowners policy with Julie as my agent.  I wanted to take the time to express what a gem this woman is!  She is not only friendly, knowledgable, and professional but I have never known an agent or company representative who is so die hard AMAZING!  She works from seven to six and even answers from home!  She got me an awesome policy that no other agent in the county came close to accomplishing and answers every question thoroughly and professionally with a confidence that passes onto the client.  I am using her for my auto next and passing her onto my aunt and mother for all their insurance needs. Thank you for hiring a winning team leader like her!!!!!" - J. Law


"I just wanted to tell you how very helpful Angela Taylor was in resolving the problem I had with my bank yesterday.  PNC bank had failed to make payment on my condo insurance and I had received a notice from your insurance company that indicated my insurance had expired as of 4/30/15.  Without going through all that transpired, I wanted you to know that when I called the Insurance Center of Ft. Myers and got Angela on the phone, she contacted PNC and found out they had made payment to the wrong insurance company.  Angela worked with the PNC representative and your insurance underwriters to get me reinstated right away.  As you can imagine I was very concerned and upset that PNC had made such an error but Angela was very good at putting me at ease and resolving the ordeal within a few hours.  I find Angela to be a real asset to the insurance field and I appreciate her professionalism and knowledge as to know what to do before it became a mess.  I plan on telling others about the wonderful service I received from your company.  Please pass on to Angela my appreciation for all she did.  Thank You." - Joan Stearn


"I hate to change insurance companies, and in spite of that I do a lot of research and check rates every year or 2.   As you know it is very time consuming.  From my initial call with Julie, she was very responsive.  She “heard” what I was looking for and sent me quotes and information the same day.  We were in the process of moving, and I had to make the move a priority.  Julie followed up with me several times until I was able to focus on insurance again.  Being new to Fl., I had a lot of questions.  She was very patient, and she was very thorough with information.    She sent me several emails with attachments that provided more information to my questions and concerns.  We are being rated on our auto insurance because of an accident, and Julie worked to try to find a solution.  Julie seems very knowledgeable about her business, and she is extremely professional.  I feel very good about finding her as a personal insurance agent." - 'Nita Brown


"Dear Lori, Thank you so much for all you have done for us the past few months!  After we decided to buy a home on Sanibel, we encountered all kinds of crazy things with regards to insuring it.  D. C. gave us your name as someone he had previously worked with.  It was the best advice ever!  You explained everything about wind, flood and personal insurance and you answered my questions over and over again when I didn't quite "get it".  You always returned my calls and emails in a timely manner which meant a lot since I am still living mainly in New York.  I sure can't wait until my husband and I can live on Sanibel full time.  Then we will be calling you to help us insure our vehicles too!  You are the best!  We are huge fans of The Insurancenter of Ft. Myers!  Keep up the good work!" - Scott and Arlene Mowry


"I just wanted to let you know that I called this morning and spoke with Connie regarding problems I was having with getting this form uploaded to our flood policy.  I really did not feel safe mailing the form and having to worry about it being delivered and getting to the right person.  Connie was so helpful. I have just e-mailed the completed form to her so that it will be uploaded to our policy correctly. What a relief!  I really appreciate her help." - Margie Warren


"I’m a new customer at The Insurance Center who is grateful to have Lori Trapp’s help during our home construction in Cape Coral (due to begin later this month).  I believe Lori’s thorough project review and follow through with our lender and builder has saved me hundreds of dollars of unnecessary Builder’s Risk Policy Insurance (since our builder already carries such coverage).  I also appreciate Lori’s quick & professional responses to my emails and/or telephone queries.  Lori came highly recommended by one of your current happy customers who also happens to be our Real Estate Agent.  Thanks to Lori, we look forward to a long business relationship with The Insurance Center effective 1Q2016 (when our new home is completed in the Cape)...and future savings on home owner’s insurance coverage.  Congratulations on having Lori as a team member...she rocks!" - Roger & Ana Silva


"Your representative, Deb Mansolilli, is a true gem.  She was responsive to my inquiry, went way above and beyond, and helped resolve the issues I presented in a VERY professional and thorough manner.  Her explanations were clear and concise and the information she provided was extremely helpful and right on point.  Please express my heart-felt thank you to her.  It was a pleasure dealing with her.  Your organization went up many notches as a result of Deb’s interaction with this customer." - Bill Behrens


"Good Morning!  I called your office last Friday and had been given a referral to Angie Malloy in your office. Angie was on vacation so I was directed to Lori.  She was DELIGHTFUL!!!  She was very thorough and I just really appreciated her approach.  She was more than willing to turn our info over to Angie, but she still took a very professional approach to everything that was needed.  I just wanted you to know this because this is definitely not the case with every agency with which we come in contact!!  This kind of outstanding customer service deserves to be recognized by those of us who are consumers of it!!  We live in Indiana and are purchasing a condo on FMB with our daughter and son-in-law as a vacation home.  Other residents in the building where we are purchasing have their homeowners insurance with your agency and that is where we got the referral. Thanks again for a very pleasant experience and once we receive the quote, we will make a final decision and will let Angie know.  We really appreciated the excellent service we received on Friday afternoon!!" - C. M.


"I called on Monday to try to get information on flood insurance for multi-family properties I am looking to purchase. I spoke with Lori and she was very professional and courteous. Not only did she look up all six  prosperity's to see if flood insurance is required, she also gave me many tips like age, roof type, number of units and stories etc. to save me money.  That's what I would call excellent customer service and I will be calling back to insure after I purchase." - Greg Randall 


"Connie did an outstanding job of fielding questions regarding the escrow account with my mortgage company.  Her follow-up was timely and she "dug" into my questions with understanding.  Overall, a great telephone call unlike the ones the public experience these days when they deal with businesses." - Alan Corcoran


"In researching our move to Shell Point, we were aware that several necessary changes had to be made to our property/casualty insurance. After personally interviewing several Fort Myers insurance agents, we choose Julie Davidson. In comparison to the others she excels in expertise and gave prompt/complete answers to our questions. Over a several month period she carefully wrote new policies for us as we relocated to this area. Moving to a CCRC requires an insurance advisor of Julie’s level for proper guidance in managing risk. We wanted you to be aware of our satisfaction with Julie and Insurancenter." - (Name Withheld)


"I just wanted to let you know that Connie was extremely helpful when I called to cancel our insurance since we sold our house.  She called me right back and sent the form I needed right away.  It has been great to work with someone who knows her job and does it.  It has not been a good experience selling our house since we apparently chose the wrong realtor and Connie is the first person that I have dealt with in this whole experience that was very helpful and efficient." - Sherry Krause


"Hi, I would like to commend Ms Julie Davison agent, she has been awesome, working with me and my family, getting us the best rates on our auto insurance. She has returned my calls, emails on a timely manner, has been attentive to our needs, a true professional.  Thank you." - Yadira Selema, Armando Machado


"I'm emailing to let you know that Connie Reis did an exceptional job recently assisting me. Too many times good employees go unrecognized.  I wanted to take the time to let you know that Connie is definitely an employee that cares; she took the time to provide me with helpful information to update my insurance needs. It's not often that I complete a phone call feeling completely satisfied with the service I received, but the service I received from Connie reminded me that there are people that care about their jobs and the people they assist." - Sue Snauwaert


"I saw a link at the bottom of Lori's page asking how she was doing and to let you know. I don't do this often, but Lori has been so good to us, that I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much we apprecieate her. Our old agent used to take days to respond to simple questions, never shopped for the best deals, and never helped us to save any money. Lori has been the complete opposite of that since day one. My emails are almost always responded to the same day if not within the hour. She's saved us tons of money, and I've referred all of my family and friends to your agency since dealing with Lori. She deserves a giant pat on the back for the consistent great service she provides.  Happy Holiday" -  Bruce McElhone 


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Peggy handling the the process of insuring our new auto and canceling the old vehicle we traded in. The buying of a new car is a long and trying experience but the help that Peggy provided was just what I needed at that time.  Thanks again." - J. P.


"This is the kind of note I like to write and you will like to read. It is about one of your employees who did such a good job working with me that I am taking the time to commend her.  Kelly appears to be from the old school. She gives the impression of liking her job and her employer; being ambitious, eager to help, and honest and forthright. She appears to understand that doing a good job for the customer is also good for her employer and thus for her." - Name Withheld


"I just want to advise you that I spoke with Peggy Williams today regarding changing my Auto Insurance.  Peggy was extremely helpful and assisted me in getting through the 'electronic form' !  I know that in todays busy world very few people take neither the time to thoroughly assist you nor the time to pass on good word about the services they receive.  I just wanted to tell you that having an employee that will go out of their way to explain things to you as Peggy did is a definate asset to any buisness." - Rich & Cindi


"I called the Insurance Center of Fort Myers today with some concerns about my Home Owner’s Insurance and since Angi was on vacation Nathan Walton took my call. I have to say, Nathan is simply exceptional. Courteous, kind, polite, intelligent, knowledgeable. I’m glad that he took my call. Speaking with someone like him simply inspire absolute confidence in the services your company provides.

With me he get’s A+"  - Julio E. Davila, Sr.


"I would like to take a moment to Thank Terrie for her kind, polite and very efficient assistance resolving my problem. This is not the first time she provided such wonderful assistance, I feel that I can always count on her for a great experience.  Thank You." - Gary Houck


"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my wife and I feel Ms. Reis is one of the most professional and efficient insurance agents we have ever dealt with. Within a day or two of our selling our home in Cape Coral, she contacted me, sent us the necessary cancellation forms and followed up with a phone call and an email to let us know she would process everything immediately. We had a refund check within a week. It's nice to know there are still agents who care so much for their customers.  We will definitely call your agency for insurance when it comes time to buy our next home in Florida. Please bestow our thanks and appreciation to Ms. Reis."  - M. Z.


"I want to compliment the great service Connie Reis has provided me with my homeowner's and flood insurance policies. She  answered my questions in layman's terms I could understand and followed through on everything promised. Connie is efficient and prompt. Between my agent, Angi, and Connie, I feel like I'm a valued policyholder and my business is appreciated. I will recommend your agency to my family and friends." - Sandra Carrington (Windler)


"I would like to advise you of my exceptional experience when dealing with your service rep, Connie Reis.  I first spoke to her a couple of months ago with a question about the additional premium I could expect for a second Florida car.  She was most pleasant and helpful at that time. Fast forward 2 months to today and my new car dealer contacts her for assistance in adding my new car to my policy. She immediately calls me to confirm the transaction and completes the transaction within an hour! Additionally, she is extremely pleasant to deal with. While we have never met  I feel  like I have known and done business with her for years. As a former business owner, I can appreciate this unique quality in someone, especially when able to convey genuine kindness and warmth solely on the basis of a telephone call.  My comments here are unsolicited but I felt like I should pass my feelings along to you. She is a gem and an asset to your firm." - John W.


"During the Holidays, I am reminded of the people who I owe a sincere "thank you" for what they have done for me.  Your Insurance Agent, Lori Trapp, is just such a person.  Between my Automobile, Umbrella and Homeowner's Insurance Policies, I estimate she saved me almost $800, and, with increased coverages!  Her expert advice on what policies to purchase was excellent.  Furthermore, her emails and returned phone calls were fast and my  new policies were put in place very quickly.  This speaks to her exceptional customer service.  Kindly make note of Lori's fine work and my satisfaction with The Insurancenter." - Mitchell Sandler


"We couldn't be happier with the service Lori gave us when we bought 311 Bayland Rd this spring. While she was gone, we had an issue that couldn't be resolved. We called her last week for insurance on another property we're buying and she resolved the old problem too. She always goes above and beyond! So glad she is back and we will recommend her to everyone we know!! She was recommended to us by Bill Schenko, our closing attorney. He thinks she's the best and so do we!!!" - Mary Herman & Ed Boling


"I want you to know You have an exceptional, professional employee. Mariah Franklin is courteous and professional, which is rare nowadays. I have spoken with her several times in the past month, her assistance has been invaluable in updating our home insurance policies and answering our questions and concerns. I thought you should know what an asset Mariah is to your organization." - Kathy Freund


"I know you and your staff are quite busy now dealing with Irma issues, together with regular day to day business, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated Connie Reis' assistance last Friday. In among the craziness that your office is dealing with in light of Irma, I am attempting to refinance my home. As part of my refinance my out of state lender needed information confirmed and updated on my homeowners and flood policies. Unfortunately their requests for the information was last minute and, quite honestly, incomplete and inaccurate. Connie handled numerous phone calls from them, and subsequently from me on Friday, in an attempt to get the lender's concerned answered. Each time I spoke with her she was not only pleasant but very accommodating. She was honest with me about time required to complete the requests and yet exceeded my expectations in delivery of the needed items. She was available for calls and emails and provided prompt responses whenever requested. At a time where I am fairly sure you are dealing with more frustration then positive issues I wanted to take this time to let you know now much I appreciated the attention that Connie provided to my non-emergency issue. From my outside view in, it appears you have a real gem in Connie." - JW


"My name is Joe DiMarino and I have a condo policy jointly with my son Michael. Patty has been extremely helpful with timely correspondence as well as helping clarify any issues we had. She is truly a great asset. Thanks" - (Name Withheld)


"Connie really stepped up and helped me with a claim, from Irma. I was really getting the run around, and constant delays, until Connie stepped in. Within two business days I received a confirmation that I would be receiving payment in full. She is great, you are lucky to have her." - Dwayne Willms


"Just want to let you know that when I needed to make some recent changes in my auto policy thru Insurance Center, your agent Mariah Franklin was most helpful, the best service I ever had from your agency - prompt, efficient and professional." - Ken L., Sanibel