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Waiting Period
In disability insurance, a period of time between issuance and acceptance before sickness  benefits begin.

The voluntary or intentional relinquishment of a known right. A waiver may be expressed or implied.

Waiver Of Premium
An optional provision in Health insurance policies that states that if the insured becomes totally disabled, premiums are waived and coverage remains in force.

A specific agreement between the insured and the insurer that certain conditions will be met. This agreement  becomes a part of the policy.    

Watercraft Endorsement
An endorsement to the Homeowners contract which provides coverage for watercraft which is excluded under the HO policy itself.

Whole Life Insurance
Life insurance which might be kept in force for a person's whole life and which pays a benefit upon the person's death, whenever that might be.

Workers Compensation Insurance
Coverage providing four types of benefits (medical care, death, disability, and rehabilitation) for employee job-related injuries or diseases as a matter of right (without regard to fault).

To insure to underwrite or to take an application.

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