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Tapes And Records Endorsement
An endorsement that can be added to an Auto policy that provides coverage for tapes and records owned by the insured while contained in the covered auto.
Target Risk 
A large, hazardous risk on which insurance is difficult to place.

Team and Vehicle Insurance
Includes insurance against loss through damage or legal liability for damage, to property caused by the use of teams or vehicles other than ships, boats, or railroad rolling stock, whether by accident or collision or by explosion of engine, tank, boiler, pipe, or tire of the vehicle, and insurance against the theft of the whole or part of such vehicle (California Insurance Code, Section 115).

Theatrical Property Coverage Form
All risks Commercial Inland Marine coverage form that covers scenery, costumes and theatrical property for either a single production or blanket for a ll productions.

In Crime insurance a broad term encompassing any unlawful taking of property, but usually meant to exclude employee dishonesty and mysterious disappearance.

Theft Disappearance and Destruction Coverage Form
A Commercial Crime Coverage form which covers money and securities for loss by theft, disappearance or destruction both inside and outside of the premises.

Third Party Insurance Coverage
Those coverages under which the insured obtains protection against a legal obligation to pay damages to others because of .injuries to persons or damage to  property.

A private wrong, independent of contract and committed against an individual, which gives rise to a legal liability and is adjudicated in a civil court.  A tort can be either intentional or unintentional, and liability insurance is mainly purchased to cover unintentional torts.

Total Loss
A loss of sufficient size that it can be said no value is left.  The complete destruction of the property.  The term also is used to mean a loss requiring the maximum amount a policy will pay.

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