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Objects Definition Form
Part of the Boiler and Machinery Coverage part of the Commercial Package policy . Defines the objects covered by the Boiler and Machinery Coverage form in great detail.

In bonds the party to whom the principal makes the promise and for whose protection the bond is being written.

The type and character of the use of the property and the entity therein.

An event that results in an insured loss.  In some lines of business, such as liability, an occurence is distinguished from accident in that the loss doesn't have to be sudden and fortuitous and can result from continuous or repeated exposure which results in bodily injury or property damage neither expected nor intended by the insured.

Occurrence Form
A Commercial General Liability Coverage form with a coverage trigger that states that coverage applies only to bodily injury or property damage which occur during the policy period, regardless of when claim is made.

Ocean Marine Insurance
Marine insurance designed to provide broad coverage for cargo and ships in transit over sea Includes Cargo insurance, Hull insurance, and liability coverage (Protection and Indemnity).

Optionally Renewable
A type of health insurance that cannot be canceled during the policy term but for which the company reserves the right to non-renew the policy at expiration.

Out-of-Pocket Limit
A predetermined amount of  money that an individual must pay before insurance will pay 100% for an individual's health-care expenses.

Owners And Contractors Protective Liability
A form of Liability insurance which protects an owner or general contractor against liability arising out of the acts of independent contractors or subcontractors. May be issued to the independent contractor or subcontractor or may be issued directly to the owner or general contractor.

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