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Dealers Drive-Away Coverage
A coverage which can be added to the Garage policy by endorsement. It eliminates the exclusion regarding coverage for autos being driven or transported from point of purchase or distribution to destination,  if such points are more than 50 miles apart.

Death Benefit
The limit of insurance or the amount of benefit that will be paid in the event of the death of a covered person.

Debris Removal
A coverage provided in many property contracts which reimburses the insured for expenses involved in removing debris produced by a loss from a peril insured against.

The page of an insurance contract that indicates the name of the policyholder, the insurance company, the period of coverage, what is covered (property, liability) under the contract.

Rejection of an application for insurance by the insurer.

The company refuses to accept the request for insurance coverage.

The amount of the loss which the insured is responsible to pay before benefits from the insurance company are payable. You may choose a higher deductible to lower your premium.

A decrease in value due to age, wear and tear, etc.

Direct Bill
The bill for the premium is produced by the insurance company and sent directly to the policyholder. The policyholder then pays the insurance company directly.

Direct Damage Loss
A loss involving value of tangible property which is physically damaged.

Direct Loss
Any financial loss that results directly from an insured peril.

Direct Writer
An insurance company that secures its business either through the direct selling system (its own employees) or the exclusive agency system (captive).

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance
The protection of corporate directors and officers from liability arising out of errors in judgement, duty breachments, and any wrongful l acts related to their organizations.

Disability Income Insurance
Line of insurance which includes coverages that are designed to protect the insured against a loss of income resulting from injury or sickness.

Discovery Period
A period of time, in Crime insurance, during which losses that occurred during the policy period but are discovered during the “Discovery. Period” will be covered.

Distribution of profit from a company to its policyholders.

Supporting evidence or proof as to what has been done and the reason therefore.

Domestic Insurer
An insurance company formed under the laws of the state in which the insurance is written.

Double Indemnity
A Health policy provision that doubles death benefits otherwise applicable for accidents under specified circumstances.

A form of payment, almost like a check.

Draft Authority
Authority granted to the agent by the insurance company to handle small claims and issue drafts within prescribed limits.

Dread Disease Policy
A  Health insurance  policy which  provides benefits for a single illness.

Drive Other Car Coverage
An endorsement to the Business Auto policy which covers named persons for non business use of autos they do not own. Used when the named insured furnishes an auto to another, such as an employee, who does not own his or her own car.

Driver Education Credit
A student discount or reduction in premium amount for which younger drivers become eligible on completion of a driver education course. These courses are available in most public school system’s.

Duplication of Benefits
A situation where identical or overlapping coverage of the same type exists between two or more health insurance plans.

Dwelling Policy
An allied lines policy which provides coverage for the dwellings and personal property of individuals and families against fire and additional perils.

Disability Insurance
Health insurance that provides income payments to the insured wage earner when income is interrupted or terminated because of illness, sickness, or accident.

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